Top Plastic Surgeries for Men and Woman

Last Updated: April 20, 2012

Top Elective Plastic Surgeries for Woman

Women are by far the industry leader for having some form of cosmetic surgery done. The number one procedure more and more woman are having these days is Botox. It is the hottest trend on the market.

The number two procedure The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says is performed over 296,000 times is breast augmentation. That number has increased by 2% since 2009. This is not to be misunderstood that 296,000 women decided to have breast implants, this number also includes women who are having breast reductions, breast lifts, or a number of other procedures.

Breast augmentation is a procedure where the age range varies greatly due to the differing procedures. Of course typically it is the younger women who get breast implants where someone a little older would like a lift or reconstructive surgery due to cancer. The figures are quite staggering when you see the ages of people having plastic surgery done.

The age group 20-29 year olds had 747,000 cosmetic procedures, whereas people in the age bracket of 30-39 year olds had 2.4 million total cosmetic procedures, and the surprising group making up 48% of women have these procedures done are the 40-54 year olds. Typically the region of the United States of America live in is California and the western region.

The number third procedure women are getting done is Liposuction that is up by 2% from last year with 179,000 women having it done.

The fourth most popular procedure is eyelid surgery up by 3% and the fifth most popular procedure among women is the tummy tuck which is also up 3% and 116,000 completed procedures compared to the year before.

  1. Botox
  2. Breast Augmentation
  3. Liposuction
  4. Eyelid Surgery
  5. Tummy Tuck

Statistics don't lie and these statistics just go to show that men do care just as much about how they look as women do.

Top Elective Surgeries for Men

  1. Botox
  2. Laser Hair Removal
  3. Microdermabrasion
  4. Chemical Peel
  5. Soft Tissue Fillers

When we of think of people having procedures and plastic surgery we don't usually think of men. Men often times like to make themselves more appealing just as we women do. The number one procedure being done by men is also Botox. Maybe men and women aren't as different then we think. The number of Botox procedures performed has increased by 3,000%, that is up 9% from 2009-2010.

Coming in second for the men is Laser Hair Removal which is up 4% and up by 165,000 procedures.

Microdermabrasion comes in third with 158,000 men although it is down 10% from 2009.

The fourth most popular procedure amongst men is chemical peels.

The fifth most popular procedure among men is soft tissue fillers with 78,000 done and up 10% from 2009.

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It is very interesting to see that men and women alike both appreciate the way they look in front of a mirror. Women have been shown in the past as the insecure sex who needs to have themselves "fixed". Here we see that this historical perception simply isn't true. Statistics don't lie and these statistics just go to show that men do care just as much about how they look as women do.

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