Mini Face Lift

Last Updated: April 20, 2012

As techniques of facial plastic surgery have evolved, so have the public's approach to it. The traditional procedure was for people in their mid-life who have accumulated obvious signs of aging all over their face. The disadvantage of this approach was a negative reaction associated with obvious changes in a person's face. People don't want it to be obvious that they've been 'done'.

With the advent of the mini face lift, people now have access to an entirely new pathway to a more youthful look. A mini face lift procedure is exactly as it sounds: a lesser cousin of the traditional face lift. The mini- prefix has several meanings. That's because smaller and fewer incisions are required, and the procedure is also the most minimally invasive surgical face lift.

Also, a mini face lift is safer and has fewer complications. The healing time is also a lot shorter.

The results are also less profound. Since there are fewer and smaller incisions, the surgeon can only target specific elements of the face rather than the entire face. But that's great for the younger generation of customers who have only early signs of aging in certain areas. The mini face lift procedure has truly opened up an entirely new clientele that previously wouldn't touch plastic surgery with a ten-foot pole.

Candidates for Mini Face Lift

Good candidates may be baby boomers who want to take five years off their face with a mini-facelift. These patients may benefit from smaller incisions and the use of tiny barb sutures, instead of a large incision that requires heavier stitching.

You see, a mini face lift done at a younger age has many important benefits. First of all, since there are only initial signs of aging, the end result is not dramatic or noticeable, but can give an impression of undying youth. Patients of a mini face lift appear to age slowly because no one notices that they've had the procedure done. Also, a mini face lift is safer and has fewer complications. The healing time is also a lot shorter. That means that patients can be back to work faster with no interruptions to their careers. That's perfect for the young professional who cares about his or her looks, because it's been proven that higher salaries are associated with good looks.

A mini face lift procedure is a better choice for those who do care about their looks and have the initiative to take action at an early age. Doing a mini face lift will avoid the need for a full face lift later and keep you youthful looking without a pause. It can't solve all of your problems or prevent the aging process, but it can ensure that you never miss a step as you get older.

Though it's called a mini lift, it's still a big deal. Think about making a positive change to your appearance. Discuss your choices and expectations with a certified plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to give you more details and a better idea of what to expect from a mini face lift.

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