Under Eye Lift

Under Eye Procedure

There is an idea in psychology called the 'looking glass self'. Essentially this means that you will see yourself as the world sees you.

So, if you are constantly frowning people will think that you are unhappy and thus treat you as if something was wrong. On the flip side, if you are always smiling then people will feel more comfortable coming to you with good news and positive things.

This specific attention will then have an affect on your personal attitude, because you will be convinced that the world is fully negative if people are always looking to you for the negative opinion, even if your are a perfectly positive person with an 'unhappy face'.

All it takes is a little bit of relatively uncomplicated surgery.

This effect telescopes as one gets older. There is very little one can do to combat the signs of aging naturally. A lifetime of frowning and smiling leaves indelible wrinkles and lines on your face and your forehead. So, even if you feel ambivalent to certain events your face will say something else.

Therefore, sagging eyes can convey a sense of fatigue and boredom even if you are perfectly content. People will then treat you as if you were bored and eventually you'll start acting bored because that's what people expect from you.

There is a way to combat this, and that way is an under eye lift. You can restore your eyes to a more normal 'open' state permanently. All it takes is a little bit of relatively uncomplicated surgery.

Removing lower eyelid bags

Lower eyelid bags, i.e., fatty puffs, can be removed transconjunctivally, that is by making an incision behind or through the inside surface or conjunctival of the lower eyelid. This incision is invisible on the outside surface of the eyelid and heals by itself without being sutured.

Wrinkles in the lower eyelid skin show minimal improvement following lower lid blepharoplasty. Attempts to smooth the skin by removing lower eyelid skin often result in a rounding of the shape of the eye and the unnatural appearance of white showing under the iris of the eye.

These changes are very uncommon and are minimized by the transconjunctival approach, as the skin surface and muscular support of the lower eyelid remain unaltered, helping the eye to maintain a pleasing, natural appearance.

Therefore an under eye lift procedure can give you the results you want, if you know what to ask for and if your doctor verifies that you are a good candidate for under eye lift surgery.

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