Butt Implants

What are Butt Implants?

Butt implants are designed to define or increase the size and shape of the buttock area and are considered a type of butt augmentation. You might wonder why there is a need to reshape the buttocks surgically. Firstly, the buttocks region is one part of the body that does not respond easily to weight training or diet; the same way that a person generally doesn't have any control over the size of their breasts; hence the popularity in breast implants. People who have problems with their butts tend to turn to plastic surgery in order to enhance its appearance.

Butt implants are actually very soft, solid silicone implants, which are quite unlike breast implants in the sense that breast implants are fluid-filled packs.

The surgery

During surgery, buttock implants are placed into each buttock area through a single incision overlying the tailbone. The implants are positioned to look as natural as possible for the optimal cosmetic effect.

A two or three-inch incision is made between the buttocks in the midline. This incision will enable the surgeons to lift the buttock muscle called gluteus maximus in order to make a pocket that would contain the butt implant. The same thing is done on the opposite side and after the implants are placed, the surgeon examines both areas in order to ensure that the results would look natural and symmetric.

It usually takes two hours to complete the procedure. The patient may be very uncomfortable during the first several days of recovery. The recovery time is usually longer since the buttocks region is the area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and other similar movements. Pain medications are given to help the patient deal with the discomfort. After five to seven days, the patient is expected to be able to move, walk, and sit comfortably.

Approximately five to seven days after the procedure, a patient is generally able to be up and about; moving, walking and sitting more comfortably.

Fortunately, there is minimal swelling and bruising after placing the butt implants so the results can be seen very soon after surgery. However, patients are advised not to take part in full physical activities within a month after surgery. Activities including gym work, bicycling, and running can usually be resumed about four weeks following butt implant surgery. It may take up to six or eight months until the results feel as if they're part of the body and the patient forgets about them even being there.


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