Breast Enlargement

Many women often mention the breasts when asked what part of the body they would most like to change. Women who are unhappy with their breast size feel self conscious about their appearance and even dress in a way to mask the problem. Our society is quick to cast opinions down on people by their appearance which exacerbates the problem. Sagging, drooping breasts can alter the overall shape of the body and some women, particularly those who are older or who have nursed children, suddenly find their hour glass figures gone.

Although many critics of plastic surgery believe that breast enlargement surgery patients are young women that have self-confidence problems, the reality is that the vast majority of breast enlargement surgery patients are women who are in their thirties who are in a committed relationship.

Breast Enlargement Procedures

Plastic surgery breast enlargement is done to provide bigger breasts in women who have never been happy with the size of their chests. It is also performed for women whose breasts have shrunk following breast-feeding or women who lost breasts due to an illness. Lots of women who are seeking this procedure simply want to look good in a bathing suit. They are tired of padding their bras and taping their breasts to create cleavage.

The cosmetic surgery industry now has a variety of improved technology and surgical procedures in breast enlargement procedures. There are currently a variety of individualized options for changing the size and shape of breasts and thousands of people are cashing in on it. Americans spend millions of dollars on breast enlargement procedures each year. In 2011, breast enlargement surgery was the most popular surgery procedure and 307,000+ Americans chose to undergo the procedure. Like breast reduction surgery, the benefits of breast enlargement procedures are many. A successful procedure can:

  • Increase fullness and shape of the breasts
  • Enhance body shape and overall balance of the body
  • Improve self-image and self confidence
  • Correct abnormalities resulting from surgery
  • Obtain a more proportional look for a body.
  • Correct a disproportion between breasts.
  • Enhance the appearance so a person obtain more feminine contours.
  • Reshape and enlarge breasts to their state prior to breastfeeding or illness.
  • Reconstruct breasts that were lost due to a medical condition.
  • Reshape and enlarge breasts that has been reduced in size due to pregnancy.

Cosmetic surgeons now have many available techniques to achieve a successful breast enlargement surgery, but generally a breast implant is used to shape and create volume to sagging breasts. The result can be dramatic and literally change the appearance of the entire body. While many people who are skittish about surgery may continue to try products such as pills, herbs, and creams, no other option will provide long lasting and significant improvements like breast enlargement surgery.

While breast enlargement should not be considered a solution to all of your problems, it can improve self confidence and self esteem. As with any surgical procedure, before you undergo surgery for breast enlargement, cost, recovery time, and realistic expectations should all be considered with the help of a trained, experienced and certified surgeon.

The typical breast enlargement surgery patient has some college education and has considered undergoing this procedure for several years.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

As we grow older and our bodies develop, it is a common feeling among people that they would want to change some aspects of their body. How a person looks impacts how others view them and how they view themselves, and it is natural that we would like to improve our physical appearance. For women, one of the biggest things that they want to change is the size of their breasts. Considering that the breasts is usually considered the sexiest part of a woman's body, it is not surprising to learn that many women want to enlarge their breasts.

A surgical treatment that dates back to half a century ago, breast enhancement surgery has rapidly progressed over the last two decades in terms of safety and efficiency. As a result, breast enlargement procedure surgery is becoming increasingly popular. A safe surgical procedure, breast enhancement surgery is designed to enhance the size and shape of a person's breast tissue. The increase in breast size results from the implementation of breast implants into the patient's body. Breast implants are made up of a silicone shell that is comprised with some filler material. Typically the filler material is composed of saline, although silicone gel is sometimes used. The patient has the option of choosing a smooth or slightly textured surface for the outer silicone shell.

In 2011, breast enlargement surgery was the most popular surgery procedure and 307,000+ Americans chose to undergo the procedure.

The popularity of breast enlargement surgery is fuelled by a number of reasons. Although many critics of plastic surgery believe that breast enlargement surgery patients are young women that have self-confidence problems, the reality is that the vast majority of breast enlargement surgery patients are women who are in their thirties who are in a committed relationship. The typical breast enlargement surgery patient has some college education and has considered undergoing this procedure for several years.

Consult A Board Certified Professional

Once you discuss your goals, you will be able to choose a suitable implant size that will suit you best. Indeed the vast majority of patients are very satisfied with breast enlargement. Women report feeling better in clothing, in swimwear, and, of course, without clothing. Plastic surgery breast implants give them a huge boost in self-esteem. Self-image improves enough that they feel ready to undertake projects or perhaps to enter (and sometimes end) relationships. Lots of women who have undergone plastic surgery breast enlargement report being more confident to the point of being surprised by it themselves.

The Procedure

During the surgery breast augmentation is done under general anesthetic by inserting saline implants under the breast area. Silicone gel implants are no longer used for plastic surgery breast enlargement. There are choices for placement of the implant and of the incision, and in discussion with the doctor you should be given an option that suits you best.

After The Procedure - Recovery

Once the plastic surgery breast enlargement is performed you may experience significant discomfort and you may not be able to fully move your arms for a couple of days. Pain can be controlled with medication. There will be some swelling that will last for 2-3 weeks. A few patients report feeling numbness in the nipple area.

The time it takes to fully recover varies according to where the implants were placed and your past experience with recovering from surgeries. If implants are placed under the muscle, recovery time to all routine activities will be 7-10 days and you can return to active exercise in about a month. The recovery time is quicker if the breast implants are placed above the muscle.

Before and After Photos & Documentation

When you get a plastic surgery done you will be asked to get your breast enlargement procedure documented through photographs. Before and after pictures is a part of plastic surgery. The photographs are taken for a number of reasons.

  1. Breast enlargement before and after photographs serve as a way of documenting how the patient changed due to plastic surgery. Some patients simply forget their appearance before surgery and the pictures help to remind them of the breast enlargement changes that have been made to their bodies.
  2. The second reason for breast enlargement before and after photographs is because they serve as a document of the presence of preexisting body conditions such as scars, moles, asymmetry and other things. This is done because of the legal implications.
  3. Finally photographs are used to help the surgeon plan the operation and are used as a valuable reference material during surgery. It is much easier for a doctor to operate while being able to look and compare patient's body with the clear photograph of pre-operative look.

Through using before and after breast enlargement pictures, doctors are able to demonstrate a wide variety of possible solutions and sizes to future patients that approach them about having the procedure done. These breast enlargement pictures demonstrate potential surgical results. For example, the potential patient has similar features as the patient in the breast enlargement pictures, and their goals for the surgery are also the same than this is a very good way to see what is most likely to happen after they go through a similar procedure.

Consent is needed

You need to know that the plastic surgery photographs are part of your medical record and won't be displayed or shown to anyone unless you allow them to be. Sometimes your plastic surgeon will ask for permission to show your pictures to other patients in order to make their decision about going through with plastic surgery easier.

Sometimes breast enlargement pictures can be created on computer, using a before photo supplied by the interested patient. Not all of the plastic surgery offices offer this options but the ones they do allow prospective patients and doctors to use these mock breast enlargement pictures in order to get an idea about how things may turn out in real life.

Breast Enlargement Typical Costs

Breast enlargement is one of the very most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States and throughout the world. Breast enlargement procedure is done through placement of implants under or above a muscle. It is because of breast enlargement surgery that many women are able to achieve the shape and figure that they want. Breast enlargement typical costs are very varying depending on where in the US you live e.g. the New York area surgeons are charging 50% more on the average for the surgery.

The prices of breast enlargement are derived from a survey of plastic surgeons that are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which shows that there's a certain breakdown between surgeon's fee as well as anesthesiologist's fee and other fees. There may even be a charge for the operating room fee as well as the charges for the implants. When you call a plastic surgeon's office to inquire about price, makes sure you get the whole breakdown. This is the breakdown for the costs of a typical breast enlargement:

Estimated Cost of Breast Enlargement

  • Surgeon's fee -- $3,400
  • Anesthesiologist's fee -- $700
  • Operating room (facility) fee -- $900
  • Implant fee -- $1300
  • Total -- $6400

Naturally there are other costs that are not included such as recovery time off from work and change of wardrobe. You may also have to purchase certain items in order to accommodate your body during healing time such as special support wear and special pillows or chairs.

Another breast enlargement cost that is not really discussed that often is the psychological cost. Virtually all women report increase in self-confidence following the surgery but sometimes it takes some time to develop. You may not be used to that extra attention and possibly questions from friends and relatives about your new look.

Free Consultation With A Board Certified US Surgeon

This is a major plastic surgery that is performed under general anesthetic so you want to be fully informed about any possible complications even though they are rare. Any complications and precautions will be explained during your consultation session. We are able to put you in touch with the best, board certified plastic surgery professionals in your area right now if you feel you are ready to have your first consultation. We also offer the cheapest rates that we're able to guarantee because of our special, well-established relationship with the plastic surgeons in the area.


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