Here you can view before and after plastic surgery photographs from surgeons who are board certified in Plastic Surgery. These photos represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes a plastic surgery procedure will achieve the same result. Note: These images are medical in nature and may contain nudity.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos
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Plastic Surgery Before and After

For individuals considering plastic surgery, some basic information needs to be learned to more fully prepare the potential patient for the operation. There are many different kinds of plastic surgery of the face and body, but they all have similar considerations to address.

Before plastic Surgery

Best Candidates for Plastic Surgery

To determine whether an individual is a good candidate for any type of plastic surgery, he has to honestly ask himself if he is in a strong, positive frame of mind for it in the first place. After all, it's considered major not minor surgery. There are associated risks with all major surgery. In addition to be able to successfully cope with these risks, the qualified plastic surgery candidate should be in excellent physical health. Having any major or chronic disease such as emphysema, a heart condition, type 2 diabetes, morbid obesity, or HIV seriously puts the potential candidate at a high risk level, so potential patients need to be honest with themselves.


All patients will have to undergo certain specific tests similar to those that other surgical patients have to do. These include complete laboratory tests to check for any possible ailments or issues that could affect the surgery. Breast augmentation candidates usually also undergo both a standard chest x-ray and one or more mammograms. The patient needs to refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least twelve hours prior to initial surgery. A complete physical workup is done in the physician's office as well to look for any possible medical problems not found on the tests. In the operating room, the patient will be sedated and then given general anesthesia.

Questions to Ask Surgeon

Individuals should ask what are the risks, how long will recovery take, how much will the plastic surgery procedures cost , how many operations of this kind has the surgeon performed, and what will the surgeon do if something goes wrong either during or after the plastic surgery. Its also important to only consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Individuals should want to know just how different plastic surgery before and after will be regarding both how the operation made the anatomical part look and feel.

Can I Afford It?

Since plastic surgery is not covered under standard medical insurance plans, individuals have to honestly ask themselves if they can afford to either write a check or pop it on a major credit card. Some plastic surgeons make affording it a little easier by having financing plans available. Read more about Financing Plastic Surgery

After Plastic Surgery

Recovery Process After Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery

The recovery can be quite slow. If operations are performed on the face, there can be extreme swelling and some bruising, and ice will be required to be applied. Bed rest is required for at least one to two days. Return to normal daily activities of work and social obligations usually won't be allowed for up to two weeks following any plastic surgery. Pain medications have to be taken regularly as well.

Free Consultation with a Board Certified US Plastic Surgeon

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