How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction Price Ranges

Liposuction costs will range from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon and also from state to state. Geographical location and the surgeon's experience are two of the most important cost factors.

Additionally, as there are numerous liposuction procedures, liposuction prices will vary from procedure to procedure. For example, liposuction pricing for ultrasonic liposuction will be higher than for the more standard tumescent liposuction.

The national average surgeon fee for liposuction in 2011 averaged $2,859 according to ASPS.

"Cheap" vs. Affordable Liposuction

While you may find a plastic surgeon that offers liposuction costs for significantly less than other plastic surgeons located within your city, the more likely scenario is that you have found a plastic surgeon that isn't board certified who is offering cheaper prices to compensate for their lack of experience performing liposuction surgery.

In these instances, you should remember that a poorly performed liposuction procedure riddled with complications is not worth the savings you would make from the discrepancy in liposuction costs. Make sure that the surgeon has properly training and that the quote include the total cost of the procedure, not just the surgeon fee.

Also the savings you can make by having your liposuction procedure done abroad, in for example Thailand, can be very appealing but you need to consider the increased risk compared to using a board certified US surgeon.

Poorly performed liposuction procedure riddled with complications is not worth the savings you would make from the discrepancy in liposuction costs.

More Liposuction Cost Factors

These are several factors that will affect the overall cost of liposuction surgery. These include:

Surgeon Fee:

When people consult a variety of plastic surgeons about liposuction costs, they will find that there may be major differences in liposuction prices. Often these differences are a result of medical qualifications and experience. A board certified plastic surgeon that has many years performing liposuction surgery will charge more than a plastic surgeon with limited experience.

Amount of Procedures Being Done:

A portion of the expenses for liposuction relate to having patients anesthetized and stabilized. As a result, plastic surgeons will offer lower liposuction prices to patients that are undergoing successive surgeries. Therefore, the liposuction cost of a first procedure will be significantly higher than a second or third liposuction surgery.

Part of the Body:

Liposuction costs will fluctuate depending on the part of the body that the surgery is targeting. For example, parts of the body that contain more fat storage are easier for plastic surgeons to perform liposuction on. However, areas of the body like the face, chin, neck, and ankles are highly sensitive. As a result, the cost of liposuction targeting these parts of the body is higher, as it involves a more difficult surgery.


Generally, liposuction costs are higher for surgeries performed on men than women. This is because there is a larger presence of fibrous fat found in males. The presence of fibrous fat increases the degree of difficulty of the liposuction surgery being performed.

Percentage of Fat Removed:

For the most part, plastic surgeons will charge higher liposuction prices for operations that take longer. As a result, patients pay higher liposuction costs if a large amount of fat is being extracted from their bodies.

Liposuction Procedure Type:

Over the last 20 years, liposuction surgical techniques have rapidly improved to the point that there are numerous liposuction procedures for patients to choose from. These liposuction procedures differ from each other based on the equipment used. As a result, liposuction procedures that utilize newer equipment will have higher liposuction costs. For example, ultrasonic liposuction will cost higher than tumescent liposuction because of the extra expenses used to purchase the high-tech equipment needed to perform the surgery and the costs of training staff to use this technology.

National Average Cost For Liposuction

The national average surgeon fee for liposuction in 2011 averaged $2,859 according to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). These figures do not include costs for surgical facility, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments or other miscellaneous fees.

For more specific pricing regarding specific liposuction surgeries, check the related articles to the top right for the procedure you're interested in.

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