LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

The price you'll actually pay for your LASIK surgery depends on a number of factors, including:

• The type of surgery you choose (standard, wavefront, bladeless, etc)
• The skill, reputation, and experience of your refractive surgeon
• The community and area of the country you live in

Standard LASIK, which uses a microkeratome to cut the corneal flap, is the least expensive, averaging around $1,500 per eye (according to a report commissioned by

The average cost for wavefront LASIK surgery in the US in 2010 was around $2,150 per eye according to the same study.

This includes all of the follow-up tests, pre-surgery preparation, etc.


Financing is definitely available at most clinics and there are several different ways to finance this type of surgical procedure.

One surgical practice in the US, for example, offers payments between $54-$130 per month for between 18-36 months at 13.9% APR interest. This is a per eye/per operation financing fee.

Many practitioners also offer zero down payment plans, and if a patient has a health savings plan, he can use some of the funds in it to pay for part or all of the surgery.

Financing with some surgical practices can often also be interest free for the first four-six months. Many practitioners also have their own financial references to banks and credit unions which they can specifically refer the patient to if he has enough income and excellent credit.

Is LASIK surgery covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, most refractive surgeries are considered "cosmetic" and aren’t typically covered by insurance companies.

Depending on your own personal circumstances though, there are cases where you may be eligible for coverage. It’s best to check with your insurance carrier directly for any questions regarding your coverage.

Risks of Cheap Lasik Surgery

Many vision problems have been reported from discount Lasik operations, including more severe glare problems at night, blurred vision, and dry eye syndrome.

Moreover, with cheap Lasik procedures, you can't count on the surgeon being among the most experienced in the industry.


Other options really only include contact lenses or traditional prescription eyeglasses, or eye exercises given by the ophthalmologist or optometrist to try to strengthen the visual acuity and focusing abilities of the eyes.


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