Side Effects and Risks - Upper Arm Lift

Side Effects and Risks

Have you been considering an upper arm lift? It's one surefire way of eliminating excess fat and skin from the arms, but before you jump to any conclusions you should be aware of the side effects and risks involved with the procedure.

Most basic risks like a botched operation or infection can be avoided by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Even with a qualified surgeon there are still other side effects that cannot be prevented in all cases:

  • Infections do tend to crop up, and if it gets seriously painful and/or begins to drain large amounts of fluid, you should consult your surgeon for an antibiotic prescription.
  • Hematomas are another complication that can arise when blood clots form just beneath the skin. These usually disappear after a while but can also be removed with a needle.
  • Seroma is a condition that occurs when fluids build up between the skin and muscle. This can be removed with a needle as well.
  • As with all kinds of lifts, scarring can stretch under the tension of the skin. This can be fixed with another surgery if noticed early.
  • An upper arm lift should not be performed on people who sweat under the arms excessively or have had their lymph glands removed.

Though these complications are minor, they can still happen even under the best operating circumstances. You should be at least aware of them before you proceed so that you are not surprised later on if a problem crops up.

Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more information regarding the risks and side effects particular to your unique body.


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