Eye Surgery

Eye surgery, also known as an eye correction, can fix a variety of vision problems. There are a number of different kinds of eye surgery available depending on what the vision problem is and what procedure is most effective for that problem.

What are the Types of Laser Eye Surgery?

1) Radial Keratotomy - In Radial Keratotomy, thin incisions flattens the surface of the eye to correct nearsightedness. 2) Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) - PRK is a type of laser vision correction procedure in which the cornea's curvature is changed by stripping off tissue from the surface of the eye. 3) Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) - LASIK, like PRK, uses a laser to reshape the eye. The difference here, however, is that LASIK does not remove eye tissue. Rather, the eye surgeon makes a thin flap in the eye's surface and applies laser energy underneath the flap to change the shape of the eye. LASIK is the most popular of all eye surgeries. 4) Conductive Keratoplasty - In this type of eye surgery, low heat radio waves and a minute probe make small marks on the edges of the eye's surface. This procedure changes the shape of the cornea to correct farsightedness. 5) Implantable Lenses - These lenses are like contact lenses, but are surgically implanted into the eye. They are used to correct severe nearsightedness. 6) Refractive Lens Exchange - RLE removes the natural lens of the eye and replaces it with an artificial lens with a different shape, thus correcting the vision problem.

Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) - is the most popular of all eye surgeries.

What are Eye Lifts?

An eye lift is a plastic surgery procedure that enlarges the opening of the eye. The process removes superfluous skin, muscle and fatty tissue, which decreases bagginess from the lower eyelids and lifts sagging upper eyelids. For more information follow this link; Eye Lift Surgery

What are the Benefits and Risks of Eye Surgery?

The number one benefit of eye surgery is no longer needing contacts or eyeglasses. With better vision, new career opportunities and participation in more recreational activities are now possible. However, with any type of surgery there are risks involved. Some of these risks may be loss of vision or new vision problems, dry eyes, irregular flap healing, infection, and under/over-correction (changing the shape of the cornea too much or too little).

What is the Expected Recovery Time?

The recovery time for eye surgery depends, naturally, on which surgery is performed. Recovery times generally range from one week to six weeks. During recovery, there are several eye treatments a patient must perform, such as keeping the eyes clean. The time it takes to completely heal also varies from person to person.

Symptoms such as light sensitivity, starbursts or halo's and glare usually disappear after approximately 2-4 weeks and you should be symptom free after the first month.

Am I a Good Candidates for Laser Eye Surgery?

A good candidate for laser eye surgery will be at least 18 years of age, have stable vision for at least a year, without eye injury or infection for at least a year, will not be nursing or pregnant, without scarring or history or herpes infections in the eye, and without dry eye syndrome.

What are the Costs of Laser Eye Surgery?

The cost of eye surgery varies between the procedure and depending on the eye surgeon. The only standard is that eye surgery prices are figured per eye. As of 2012, eye surgery costs average between $1,500 and $2,200 per eye, depending on what type of surgery is performed.


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