Natural Breast Enlargement

In a survey polling what men consider to be the sexiest part of the female body, the overwhelming response was the breasts. Breasts are the most fetishized part of the female body and because of this many women want to find effective ways to enlarge their breasts. Although the most successful way for a woman to enlarge their breasts is by obtaining breast implants through breast augmentation surgery, there are two known methods of natural breast enlargement. Natural breast enlargement techniques are rooted in different scientific theories and have had mixed results. While some women who used these natural breast enlargement techniques described them as a waste of time, others militantly swear that these techniques work.

Natural & Herbal Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement Supplements

The most popular natural breast enlargement technique is medical breast-growing supplements. Rooted in anatomical theories of the female body, medical breast-growing supplements claim to produce a natural effect within the body that stimulates growth hormones, which in turn, enlarge the user's breasts. Before examining how medical breast-growing supplements work, it is important to describe the anatomical theories behind its use.

Based on human anatomy studies, breasts are composed of: fatty tissue that is held together by connective tissue, microscopic lymph glands, and mammary glands. Considering that practically all women have an equal number of mammary glands in their breasts and that mammary glands take up approximately one-teaspoon size of space in a woman's breasts, it is evident that mammary glands do not have a great deal of influence over breast size. Rather, breast size is largely determined by the release of growth hormones in the body that occurs during puberty. Essentially, the growth hormones that are released during this time cause fatty tissue to grow and accumulate in a person's breast, which eventually determines breast size.

Herbal Enlargement

As a result, medical breast-growing supplements contain ingredients that supposedly stimulate the natural release of body hormones in the female body. The companies that manufacture this natural breast enlargement product claim that the release of these natural body hormones will stimulate the accumulation of fatty tissue in the body similar to what occurs in the female body during puberty.

Over the last fifteen years, there has been an increased mainstream acceptance to the use of herbal medicine in producing helpful body changes. While herbs have been used throughout the history of mankind in healing capacities, its use had receded over the last century due to the development of modern medical techniques. However, herbs have been rediscovered and incorporated in exciting new products that produce similar changes in the human body that modern medicine can.

Breast enlargement herbs can be found in breast enlargement pills and also in breast enlargement creams. The breast enlargement herbs found in these products are designed to stimulate natural changes in the user's body that is similar to the changes that a woman goes through during puberty.


Most breast enlargement herbs contain phytoestrogens, which are naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens. During puberty, the changes in a female's body involve the natural production of estrogen within the body that is responsible for the development of new tissue that is responsible for breast growth. By containing phytoestrogens, breast enlargement herbs claim to assist in the natural stimulation of the female body in the production of new breast tissue growth.

The incorporation of these herbs in breast enlargement pills is supposedly the major reason why these pills work. Considered by some a natural breast enlargement technique that offers a non-invasive and safer alternative to breast augmentation surgery, breast enlargement pills provoke changes in the user's body by stimulating the release of estrogens that are responsible for the growth of breast tissue.

Breast Enlargement Herbs

The most common breast enlargement herbs found in breast enlargement pills are: Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, and Fennel seed. These herbs are used because they contain the highest levels of natural estrogens, phyto-nutrients, and diosgenin. These components found in these herbs are believed to contribute to hormone activation and do not have any adverse affect to the user's health.

Another way that breast enlargement herbs are used is through creams. Breast enlargement creams such as Sher are a silky smooth cream that incorporates breast enlargement herbs in its preparation. In addition to increasing breast size, manufacturers of these breast enlargement creams claim that it also increases breast firmness.

The most common breast enlargement herb found in breast enlargement creams is Pueraria extract. This is a root that grows only in Thailand and it is believed that this herb has multiple uses that include: lengthening the milk ducts, branching the milk ducts, stimulating the expansion of breast tissue, and generating breast tissue growth.


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