Mommy Makeover

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A "Mommy Makeover" is a collection of permanent plastic surgeries done to help a women's body regain the shape it had before child birth.

A Mommy makeover can include one or several procedures.
Typically it involves:

  • Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Butt Lift

Getting a breast lift or mastoplexy is one of the most common surgeries designed to give shape back to the breasts and/or lift them.

A "Mommy Makeover" is a collection of permanent plastic surgeries done to help a women's body regain the shape it had before child birth.

Breast augmentation is less frequent as it involves more substantial implants to not only restore shape but to gain a larger cup size.

Another popular procedure is the tummy tuck. Often women spend large amounts of time exercising and dieting and can't get rid of the leftover skin from pregnancy, and a tummy tuck is a common remedy. Liposuction and/or a butt lift is another common alternative to get rid of extra fat built up over pregnancy.

Who is a Good Candidate for A Mommy Makeover?

Great candidates for a mommy make over are those who have an active and healthy lifestyle and have attempted to make changes but haven't seen the results they desire. The best way to decide if a person is a good candidate is to contact a qualified plastic surgeon. Most times he or she will offer free consultations and can speak to a candidate about specific surgeries and what may be the best options for each individual case.

People who definitely shouldn't consider a mommy make over are women who haven't finished having children yet, and certainly anyone suffering from serious health disorders such as heart problems, diabetes, or other problems that may complicate surgery.

It is also ideal that the person is mentally well, not overweight and is getting adequate exercise. It's also very important to have a support structure of close friends that can help with the healing and recovery process.

What Is The Recovery Time And Are There Any Risks?

Some of the risks involved with mommy make overs are those that can be apparent with any surgery. There will be a recovery period, there will be some pain, monetary cost and hospital trips that include stress. There is also the risk of infection with any surgery and specific risks come with different procedures. With breast augmentation, for example, decreased sensation and numbness can be a risk.

For tummy tucks it's a possibility to have Seroma, or a collection of fluid under the skin. Some tissue death or necrosis can happen after any procedure and has increased likelihood if the patient is a smoker.

Hematoma or the collection of blood in a given area, or excessive bleeding is another risk. With any surgery the risk of infection and death are possible, though quite rare and uncommon.

Questions You Should Ask Before A Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover candidate should always start by asking her surgeon for proper credentials. meaning which board they are certified through and what their specific training is.
Liposuction certification, for example, doesn't require the same credentials as other surgeries, so it's good to look closer at each individual doctor's specific qualifications and experience before considering them to perform all of your procedures.

Asking how many patients they've performed on and exactly which procedures they have the most experience with is essential to assess their suitability.

Other key questions to ask are what types of safety levels are followed, where will the procedures be done, what type and level of anesthesia will be used, who will administer the anesthesia, and is the facility accredited.

The Recovery Phase: What It Will Be Like And What Can Help?

The recovery period is different for each patient and each procedure. Most facial cosmetic surgeries for example have minimal discomfort compared to larger tummy tucks or breast augmentation, where more substantial incisions are made. There will be pain medication prescribed to help cope with this during the healing period regardless.

The length of recovery time does also vary upon the type of procedure, but it is safe to say that all patients will need assistance for at least the first couple of days. For both liposuction and breast surgeries lifting will be limited for as long as two weeks, but the patient will be able to return to work usually within a week. With Abdominoplasty or tummy tucks, a desk job can be returned to within a week, and more vigorous work in closer to two weeks.

To Recap

A mommy makeover can go a long way above exercise if the right patient is the candidate. If there is heavy alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco use it would be wise to thoroughly discuss procedures with the surgeon as these habits can stunt or dull the benefits of elective surgery.

In all cases do the homework, enlist a couple of family members or close friends to help during healing, and commit to the healthiest lifestyle possible.


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