Liposuction Before and After

Before and After Liposuction

One of the biggest concerns that individuals interested in obtaining liposuction surgery relates to the after effects of the surgery. Despite all of the effort that you can conceivably make in imagining the outcome of liposuction surgery, it is impossible to really know how you will react to the results of liposuction until it has happened.

For these reasons, many people try to read as many liposuction before and after testimonials given by past liposuction patients. Although these liposuction before and after stories can help patients prepare for the treatment, it is important to examine the steps that a liposuction has to make before the treatment and after the treatment.

Before Liposuction

Although the actual liposuction procedure is considered to be the most important stage of the entire liposuction treatment, the before stages are actually equally important.

  • Prior to undergoing liposuction surgery, the patient has to make the decisions that are crucial to obtaining the best results of the treatment.
  • Consulting plastic surgeons to receive the best prices for excellent work is incredibly important.
  • It is essential that a patient talk to multiple plastic surgeons that have excellent credentials. Besides their obvious effect on performing the surgery, plastic surgeons are the best source of information regarding liposuction.
  • Their years of expertise will be used when you talk to plastic surgeons about the specific results that you want and the type of liposuction procedure that you feel is best suited to your needs.
  • By engaging in a dialogue with a board certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience performing liposuction surgery, you will be able to build up the trust that is needed for obtaining peace of mind during the treatment.

Pre-op Consultation with a Surgeon

Finding a board certified plastic surgeon with excellent credentials is just the first step in the liposuction procedure. During your meetings with your plastic surgeon, the surgeon will review your medical history and listen to your expectations for the treatment. During these meetings, the plastic surgeon will also describe the particular details of the surgery that you want. Subjects such as the number of incisions needed to perform the treatment and the expected recovery period following the treatment will be discussed.

Patients should refrain from consuming alcohol, nicotine products, aspirin, ibuprofen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication or Vitamin E prior to having surgery.

At this point, it is important that you digest this information and consider whether or not liposuction surgery is a step that you want to take. Before undergoing liposuction surgery, you will have another pre-op meeting with your plastic surgeon.

This meeting happens once you have made decisions regarding the anesthetist that you want to administer the anesthesia needed to perform the surgery and after you have made a deposit for the surgery.

At the pre-op, you will be able to resolve any issues regarding the surgery that you may have missed during the initial consultation. Additionally, during this discussion the plastic surgeon will outline any special instructions that you will need to follow to ensure the surgery goes well.

Extensive discussions will occur regarding the recovery period of the surgery and any prescriptions you may need for recovery will be given at this point.

Liposuction Post-op, the Recovery

Following the surgery, you will have to begin the recovery process of the liposuction surgery. A physically draining procedure, you may have to stay overnight at a medical center if you were administered general anesthesia during the operation. Although your body may be in rough shape immediately after the surgery, it usually only takes one week for your body to significantly heal from the changes caused by the surgery.

During these initial recovery weeks, you will have to follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon during the pre-op meeting. A compression garment or liposuction garment will have to be worn immediately after the surgery.

Although your body may be in rough shape immediately after the surgery, it usually only takes one week for your body to significantly heal from the changes caused by the surgery.

A post-op meeting will follow your surgery where your plastic surgeon will monitor your progress after the surgery. At this point, any sutures that were used to close the incisions made during the treatment will be removed by the plastic surgeon. Additionally, the plastic surgeon will monitor your body's healing by examining the amount of swelling and scarring that occurred during the surgery.

It is important that you listen to your plastic surgeon's advice regarding recovery and this is also the best time to resolve any concerns that you may have about the recovery process. Any peculiarities resulting from the surgery will be checked by your plastic surgeon.

If you have any questions regarding liposuction or would like to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, please call the toll free phone number at the top of this page or simply fill out the below form and an expert will contact you!


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