Brow Lift Cost

Aging there such a thing? Perhaps for the lucky few who have been well endowed with fortunate genes in conjunction with living a generally healthy lifestyle.

But for the majority of us, aging can be unforgiving as it takes away any semblance of our youthful glow and all the whiles, reminding us of our impending doom. No bodily feature reminds us more than our forehead and eyebrows. Flaws in this region lead to an appearance that seems tired and depressed. This can be discouraging to your body image.

The average cost for the surgeon's fee for brow lift surgery in 2010 was $3,161.

Brow Lift Surgery Produces Remarkable Results

If you have been increasingly fretting over your developing forehead wrinkles and frown lines, crows feet, and drooping brows and eyelids, you have no doubt been investigating the cosmetic procedure of brow lift surgery.

You've seen the results and read the testimonials - brow lift surgery has time and time again produced remarkable results, knocking of many years of our appearance, and in the meantime restoring your sense of self-assurance and renewing your youthful vitality.

A brow lift can be a rejuvenating experience that boosts your self-esteem.

But like anything, cost becomes a major factor in deciding whether to pursue this option.

Brow Lift Cost

Brow lifts are among the most expensive plastic surgery procedure due to the delicate nature of the procedure. And although prices for a brow lift will vary depending on the type of brow lift, the surgeon, and the region. The average cost for the surgeon's fee for (all) brow lift surgery in 2010 was $3,161.

However, the total costs also include anesthesia fees, operating room fees, pre- and post-surgical examinations, and post-surgery prescription medications. So total costs for the whole procedure can range anywhere from $1000 to $7000.

Varying Prices Depending on Techniques

The mini brow lift and lateral brow lift are significantly cheaper than the full and endoscopic brow lifts because they are largely non-invasive and take significantly less time to perform. The coronal and endoscopic brow lifts will cost the most and are usually comparable in price. The additional use of lasers or radio frequency to aid in the brow lift procedure will invariably drive up the price due to additional equipment and training costs.

Financing Options

However, plastic surgery procedures are becoming much more assessable due to the wide availability of financing plans and loans. Most plastic surgery clinics will work with you to determine the best way for you to cover your plastic surgery costs. Many clinics have their own financing plans or work in alliance with creditors to produce financing loans. They can work with you to construct an installment plan best suited for your financial needs.

Insurance May Cover Parts Of The Cost

Also, some brow lift procedures can be deemed as "medically important". This is often the case for patients with brows that droop so severely that it interferes with their sight. If you can make a case for this, then insurance may be able to cover all or some of the costs. This will require discussion with the insurance company and plastic surgeon to see if it is a viable option.

A brow lift can be a rejuvenating experience that boosts your self-esteem. It's not an easy decision and it can be a costly procedure. But if you feel that it is worth the investment, then talk to your surgeon today to get an exact total price including all incidental fees. The results can be priceless!

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