Bilateral Breast Lift

Bilateral Breast Lift

Your breasts are among the most important symbols of your femininity. A round and firm breast that projects outwards sufficiently is considered the ideal shape. However, as we age our bodies have something else in mind. Skin becomes more inelastic, and if you lose weight or go through pregnancy, your breasts may no longer be able to accommodate a new shape. The result? Sagging breasts. If you're experiencing a bit of sag, you've probably noticed that finding the right clothes can be a bit more complicated. A bilateral breast lift could change all that for you and keep you from living with the embarrassment of sagging breasts.

A bilateral breast lift is a general term for the medical procedure known as mastopexy. The main idea for any mastopexy technique is to remove some skin from both breasts and pull the skin towards the center of each, hence the bilateral prefix. The overall effect will tighten the skin and provide a firmer breast that is more shapely. Depending on the magnitude of lift required, and the size of the breast, there are a number of different bilateral breast lift techniques available.

Bilateral breast lifts

Sometimes only one breast requires a breast lift, but these cases are a bit more rare. Most breast lift surgeries are actually bilateral, so the entire prefix is usually dropped in favor of just 'breast lifts'.

There are there main kinds of breast lifts available to most women. The main difference between each type is all in where the incisions will be placed.

  • A concentric bilateral breast lift requires that circular incisions be made around the nipples of each breast.
  • A vertical bilateral breast lift only involves an incision from the nipple down to the crease of the breast where it joins the chest.
  • The most popular technique is the anchor bilateral breast lift. This is the most complicated but effective breast lift. It involves an incision starting at bottom fold of a breast, moving along the contour, rising to the nipple, around the nipple, and down and across to the other side of the breast. The end result is an anchor-like incision that removes the most amount of skin out of all techniques.

Since the amount of lift is directly proportional to the skin removed, the concentric and vertical techniques are not as effective compared to the anchor. However, with incisions comes scarring, and breast scars tend to be permanent. For women with sag that is only light to mild, the concentric and vertical techniques offer good results with less obvious scarring.

Depending on your personal situation, one of these bilateral breast lift techniques will be right for you. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon today for more information on the benefits of each.


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